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Our Mission

We monitor anti-Semitism, religious persecution, and abuse of human rights; advocating, educating and defending religious freedom, freedom of conscience and democracy in the Former Soviet Union, all the while supporting partner organizations.



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Our Impact

By the time the Refuseniks were granted freedom of travel, the UCSJ had been on the front line for over two decades, promoting the Jackson-Vanik Amendment, petitioning the US, Israel and other countries to pressure the Russian government to release the Jews under their thumb. From the beginning, the UCSJ was a loose confederacy of grassroots organizations committed to supporting the Refuseniks and bringing light to their cause. When the wall came tumbling down, the UCSJ restructured their cause and their mission to meet the new circumstances. Since then, the UCSJ has driven the US adoption of the Magnitsky Act, bringing to light the abuse human rights, as well as preserving the historical record and community that so many try to erase.



thousand Dollars Raised

During the last three years alone we support Jewish sites and preserve Jewish heritage in countries of the Former Soviet Union.



Years Serving communities

Throughout the decades the UCSJ has worked to support Soviet Jewry in their changing environments.



Thousand civilians Impacted

On the front lines bringing the plight of refuseniks to the public and then to freedom. Now continuing to safeguard human rights and bringing to light abuse wherever it may be.


“A hero is one who kindles a great light in the world, who sets up blazing torches in the dark streets of life for men to see by.”

- Felix Adler



Get Involved

You can get involved with UCSJ work in many ways. You can sign-up on letters of support UCSJ issues to preserve historical cultural sites or to advocate for justified decisions and initiatives in protection of human rights defenders from the Former Soviet states and other countries. You can follow, like, link, and share our content using your social media. We also accept your kind donations and financial contributions.


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Your contribution is very important for our continuous struggle to preserve Jewish historic sites, to support human rights groups and defenders in their daily activities.