Tatars jailed in Crimea by Russian forces, "rule of law" is at stake

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Today, March 27, 2019, in the Crimea, the most large-scale operation of the Russian special services in five years.

At 6 am, searches began in the homes of 25 Crimean Tatars. According to 14:00, at least 17 people were arrested. Three of them were charged under Part 1 of Article 205.5 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (the organization of the organization’s activities, which is recognized as terrorist in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation), the rest under Part 2 of the same article (participation in the activities of such an organization).

We view these arrests as unsubstantiated and politically motivated prosecutions, because, firstly, these arrests do not pursue the real goal of ensuring security; -second, the arrested were activists of the
"Crimean solidarity" and engaged in human rights activities - assisted during detentions, searches and trials, helped the families of the detained GOVERNMENTAL. And we are sure that it was the latter circumstance that served as the main motive for their prosecution.

In total, 34 people, predominantly Crimean Tatars, were arrested on such charges in Crimea for five years. Most of them were recognized by the Memorial Human Rights Center as political prisoners.

Council of the Moscow Helsinki Group

March 27, 2019

Roger LernerComment