Genya Intrator; there's more to the story

 Elaine Harris of the Canadian 35s, responded to part of the article about the late Genya Intrator in the Canadian Government's Library and Archive magazine, which I posted yesterday:  "Incredibly, there is even a recording of a fellow activist in the United States recounting how, in the years following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, this activist and her husband ended up having dinner in Chicago with a former KGB officer who had been tasked with listening in on Intrator’s phone calls during the 1970s."

            Elaine sets the record straight:  "The KGB agent who listened to and monitored all Genya’s calls from the former Soviet Union had dinner in my home in Stamford CT, not Chicago. 
        "There were 2 Russians visiting Stamford CT in the 1990s, working with AA to bring a most needed program to Russia.  My husband, a physician had met them and invited them to Shabbat dinner at our home.

        "I lit my candles, explained why we lit candles Friday night and the KGB agent said,  'Shabbat shalom'. Dinner progressed. He asked me if I ever knew anyone in the USSR. I said yes, but that he wouldn’t know these people.

        "Conversation changed and then out of no where he asked, 'do you know Genya Intrator?' I said yes! Why do you ask?  He said, 'because I was the KGB agent who monitored her calls to the Soviet Union everyday.'
          "I did contact Genya that night after they left. She wanted to speak to him, but he didn’t want to talk to her. I remember feeling that he was embarrassed about what he did, especially when I said, 'now you see, we really aren’t bad people.' I recall too that Michael Sherbourne’s KGB agent went to London to meet him after the Soviet Union fell.

        "Just another anecdote of a very big story

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