We had a great result on July 12th.  With much support of Deputy Y. Shuchevich, his assistance in the Ukrainian parliament (in Ukrainian, Verkhovna Rada), lawyers for UCSJ and I successfully brought to the parliament's Committee of Culture and Conscience's attention the illegal clauses inserted in the proposed chances to the Law of Cultural Heritage Protection and Preservation proposed by the Verchovna Rada Deputy Mr. Vasyunyk.
                He personally and other Ukrainian parliament deputies were interested in having special construction business atop places of cultural heritage if the law proposed by Vasyunyk would have been put in effect. 
                After an open discussion in the parliamentary committee and due to the UCSJ lawyers' analysis, the deputy to the Minister of Culture Mrs. Mazur proposed to terminate all draft legislation and invite foreign experts to draft a law abiding by international standards.  Great idea!  UCSJ was invited to participate in the working group of attorneys to draft a new law to protect the historic Ukrainian cultural heritage.
            I'm sure that the US embassy was also involved in clearing this holy path and making the new effort possible.  Many thanks and gratitude.