UCSJ Statement on Ukraine

Union of Councils for Jews from the Former Soviet Union, oldest grass-root human rights NGO in the United States, strongly protests against Russian aggression towards Ukraine, as a  violation of the Helsinki Final Act and presents a  threat to all agreements and treaties in Europe, and to bi-lateral U.S.-Russian balance of armor agreements... We ask the U.S. authorities to call on the UN Security Council, and to take whatever acts are necessary to stop  this aggression to prevent escalation of the conflict.  It appears that Russia has decided to annex the Crimea by closing the airports in the region and amassing troops and armor on the ground.  This is clearly aggression against the people and government of the Ukraine.

We support the Ukrainian people in their struggle for freedom and sovereignty of their state.  We ask the U.S. Congress to start to take steps to enforce the Magnitsky Act  in relation to enlisted members of the Russian Federation Council members who have supported the Russian Federation President’s invasion of troops to the Crimea.


UCSJ:  Larry Lerner, Leonid Stonov

Novorossiysk Committee on Human Rights:  Vadim Karastelev