New Memorial Complex to Be Built at Babi Yar Massacre Site

The World Forum of Russian-speaking Jews (WFRJ) announced on Sunday that a new memorial complex will be built at Babi Yar, the Ukrainian site in which approximately 50,000 Jews were massacred by Nazis during the Holocaust, The Times of Israel reports.  WRFJ President Alexander Levin presented a model of the memorial, which will include a museum, Jewish center and synagogue. The museum will include documents from the Nazi archives, interviews with Babi Yar massacre survivors, a 3-D film and other historical items such as clothes and belongings of the victims.

Levin called the murders at Babi Yar “not just a tragedy for the Jewish people,” but “a tragedy for the entire world," pledging that “the memorial site will commemorate not only the killings of Jewish people, but also all other victims who were brutally murdered by the Nazis on Ukrainian territory.”

[The Times of Israel]