UCSJ Accomplishment: Lviv Director Meylakh Sheykhet

On April 12, 2013 the Board of the Scientists and Methodists of the Minister of Culture of Ukraine approved “THE PROGRAM FOR THE REGENERATION OF THE FORMER JEWISH QUARTER IN L’VIV (FEDOROVA ST. – ARSENALSKA ST. – STAROYEVREYSKA ST. – BRATIV ROHATYNTSIV ST.)” developed by the State Enterprise “UKRZAKHIDPROEKTRESTAVRACIJA”. Ordered by the Representation to Ukraine of the American Union of Councils for the Jews in the Former Soviet Union, sponsored by the US Ambassador’s Grant.

The program is to incrementally (step by step) restore the synagogue “Turei Zahav” (Gildene Royze), Mykva, Beis Midrash.

The remnants of the Great Synagogue (the other synagogue in the same Jewish Quarter) will be planned to thoroughly studied by the archaeologists, upon the results the artifacts will be preserved as pieces of the Archaeological theatre. The space will be also used to display the Judaic and other Jewish artifacts, might be also a Jewish social Conference Hall.