A Note from Director Leonid Stonov-- David Guy's "The Terrarium"

Dear all: I’ve just read a very interesting and brilliant book, “The Terrarium” by David Guy, 2013. I am eager to share with you my admiration about it.

The novel helps one understand modern Russia with all of its mysteries, problems, tragedies and threats.  It is reminiscent of Orwell’s writing with its Aesopian style and deep political analysis.  It reveals the true faces of the present Russian authorities, easily recognized under the invented names and abbreviations, like VVP which stands for V.V. Putin and signifies Vigilant Vindictive Potentate.

This is not an easy read, but it is worth doing so because of the author’s historic erudition, his deep understanding of the political situation in today’s Russia, his biographical knowledge of the novel’s characters and his ability to make thoughtful political analyses and prognoses.

The book is very useful and helpful for all human rights activists working with post-Soviet countries. It is not only the anti-Utopian atmosphere, but also the novel, that forces us to think about defending our democracy and human rights values. The author of the novel is a courageous, fearless man – he shows the campaign of hatred that was organized by the authorities and their GONGOs in the imaginary state of Slavishia (the easily recognizable Russia) toward the “Enemy # 1”, which is the USA. This book has come at the right time, when the West and Russian democrats still can prevent a repetition of the “Cold War”.

The author of the novel, David Guy, is a New York-based journalist and a writer. Before his emigration from Moscow to the USA in 1993, he worked for 30 years for the very popular Soviet newspaper “Evening Moscow.”  He is the author of more than 20 books, including such best-sellers as “Goodbye, Eternal Friend” (about Feodor Dostoyevsky), “Invasion” (about the Soviet war against Afghanistan) and “Innocence in Hell” (about the Minsk Ghetto).

The English version of “The Terrarium” (excellently translated by Nina Genn) can be found at www.amazon.com (David Guy, “The Terrarium,” 2013).

Sincerely Yours,

Leonid Stonov

Director, International Bureaus and Activities