In Memory of Marillyn Tallman

March 6, 2013

Yesterday morning we were in a very good mood.  On this day, we always celebrate the anniversary of Stalin's death, the death of Red Pharaoh.  This very day, of March 5th, 60 years ago, Stalin's plan of deporting Soviet Jews to Siberia was stopped.
On Monday March 4th, we talked to Fillip and he told us that Marilyn "is resting comfortably, now" but we did not realize what it meant, the heaviness of the situation.
The next day, Pam called us and said that Marillyn passed away. It was a shocking news.
Marillyn was an absolutely outstanding person; brilliant, kind, warm, responsive and responsible, noble and very effective while helping others. She was one of the first authors of the campaign for releasing the Soviet Jews from the devil empire. She was an excellent and very effective leader and she united devoted tireless volunteers around Chicago Action, one of the best Council of the Union's brotherhood.
We are extremely grateful to Marillyn for what she did for us and thousands of Jewish refuseniks and for the current Jewish communities in the former Soviet Empire.
All Jew who knew her or heard about her share our love and sadness.
All of us, the long-term refuseniks will never forget Marillyn's care and help, kindness and capability to understand our pain.
We do not accept that Marillyn passed away.  She is with us until we are alive.
We love Marillyn and we are very fortunate and proud to meet her, and to live and work near her.
Our deep, cordial sympathy to Teddy, Fillip, Martin,Thomas and all members of the lovely Tallman's family.
Leonid and Natasha Stonov