Anti-Semitic March in Kharkov, Ukraine

The following description of an anti-Semitic march that took place in Kharkov (the second largest city in Ukraine) is a translation of an article originally posted in Russian. The original can be accessed here. During the 2012 Ukrainian parliamentary elections, the nationalistic party “Svoboda” (Freedom) organized a rally. It was announced to be a protest against illegal immigrants, and it was banned by the court. However, despite the injunction, it still took place. Moreover, policemen were walking at the head of the march along with the neo-Nazis.

At least one hundred people marched through the streets of Kharkov under the banner of the “Svoboda” party. Many of the demonstrators hid their faces behind masks and gauze bandages. During the march, neo-Nazis threw their hands in a Nazi salute and shouted “Kikes on knives!” They also mentioned being burdened by “piles of blacks and Asians” who “congested Ukraine.”

Many ordinary people rushed to the other side of the street upon seeing the column of neo-Nazis. During the demonstration, no violent incidences occurred, but the fact that such a rally was supported by a party in Parliament, and guarded by policeman, testifies to the blossoming of neo-Nazism and anti-Semitism in Ukraine.