Please Help Valery Senderov Pay For Medical Treatment

Valery Senderov, a courageous human rights activist, mathematician, teacher and writer, has been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease at 67. Senderov has three young children, and is unable to afford the medical treatment that he needs. In the 1970's, Senderov monitored and exposed the systematic antisemitism that pervaded the Mathematics Department of Moscow University. Talented, qualified students consistently were denied admission at this time because they were Jewish. He was arrested for this, and spent seven years in a Gulag. Following his release and return to Moscow, he worked to promote human rights in the Moscow Bureau of UCSJ.

Please donate whatever you can to help Senderov and his family pay for his medical treatment. Donations made for him through UCSJ will be sent directly to him in full (please write "For Valery Senderov" when filling out the form, or email your specifications with your name and the amount donated).

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