Our Work

Through its offices and partnerships in the former Soviet Union (FSU), UCSJ is able to give first-hand reports of human rights abuses as they occur in the region. Our direct fact finding is used by the U.S. Department of State and other organizations in their work.

UCSJ has partnered with over 55 other NGOs to report on and discuss incidents of human rights transgressions through the blog  “Coalition Against Hate (Коалиция против ненависти).” The main purpose of the “Coalition Against Hate” is to unite the NGOs in their struggle against xenophobia, neo-Nazism,and extremism in the FSU.

UCSJ has also joined with other U.S. organizations concerned with international religious freedom to form an informal mutual alliance. This alliance lobbies the U.S. Congress, State Department, and the President for help in defending religious freedom around the world. The alliance also jointly petitions offending countries to cease their wrongful activities.

What the UCSJ’s doing uniquely different from other Jewish human rights organizations in the United States?

  • Cooperates with donors, private and federal, and provides free depository to transfer funds to and support operations of the independent human rights organizations in countries of Former Soviet Union (FSU) with repressive regimes without costs to the recipients.
  • Builds support for the preservation of Jewish cultural heritage and human rights in Ukraine and elsewhere.
  • Builds partnership with non-Jewish NGOs to increase resilience of the human rights movement in countries of the FSU, including but not limited to encourage implementation of the economic sanctions and support human rights respect in that territory.
  • Develops coalitional activities in fighting xenophobia, hatred, and intolerance, including participation in horizontal networking, such as International Religious Freedom Round-table and lobbying for new legislation that benefits NGOs in the FSU.