Manifestations of Antisemitism in Ukraine Monitoring results from January-June 2017   Vyacheslav Likhachev   Violence   There were no known cases of violence on the grounds of antisemitism in January-June 2017. There was one physical confrontation on the grounds of antisemitism, which is described below; however, as it did not end in physical violence towards […]

UCSJ: Meylakh Sheykhet responded to my posting of the 7/30/17 Jerusalem Post article, “Antisemitic Graffiti Targets WZO in Ukraine”

Meylakh Sheykhet responded to my posting of the 7/30/17 Jerusalem Post article, “Antisemitic Graffiti Targets WZO in Ukraine”.  WZO is the World Zionist Organization.         Meylakh writes:  “The WZO is little-known in Ukraine, so how come the anti-semitic graffiti mentions them?          “It is true that mass graves and Jewish cemeteries are vandalized in Ukraine daily.  It’s […]

Antisemitic graffiti targets WZO in Ukraine

ByTamara Zieve July 30, 2017 A monument to Holocaust victims was vandalized with slogans and symbols.   Graffiti targeting the World Zionist Organization (WZO) in north-Western Ukraine.. (photo credit:VLADIMIR MOZICHENKO) Vandals in northwestern Ukraine sprayed Nazi symbols and other antisemitic graffiti that targeted the World Zionist Organization, the organization learned on Sunday. According to the […]

In Moldova, a synagogue with a terrible history is for sale on Holocaust Street

Only 17 out of 7,000 Jews remain in Edinets since WWII. Now, a defunct house of worship where 90 penitents were massacred is on the market By Julie Masis July 20, 2017 EDINETS, Moldova — In a small town in northern Moldova, a former synagogue is for sale on Holocaust Street. The building, where some 90 […]

Russian Supreme Court Rejects Jehovah’s Witnesses Appeal

July 18, 2017 — 09:57  — Update: 10:23 The history of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia, illustrated in the museum of the Russian administrative center of Jehovah’s Witnesses based in the town of Solnechnoye Alexander Demianchuk / TASS Russia’s Supreme Court on Monday rejected an appeal to reverse its decision declaring the Jehovah’s Witnesses an “extremist” […]


We had a great result on July 12th.  With much support of Deputy Y. Shuchevich, his assistance in the Ukrainian parliament (in Ukrainian, Verkhovna Rada), lawyers for UCSJ and I successfully brought to the parliament’s Committee of Culture and Conscience’s attention the illegal clauses inserted in the proposed chances to the Law of Cultural Heritage […]

Soviet Veteran Who Met With Trump Jr. Is a Master of the Dark Arts

MOSCOW — Rinat Akhmetshin, the Russian-American lobbyist who met with Donald Trump Jr. at Trump Tower in June 2016, had one consistent message for the journalists who met him over the years at the luxury hotels where he stayed in Moscow, London and Paris, or at his home on a leafy street in Washington: Never use email […]

Ukrainian officials post footage of vandals drawing swastikas on Holocaust memorial

June 28, 2017  (JTA) — City officials in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv published online security camera footage of vandals painting Nazi symbols on a Holocaust memorial in a bid to identify them. The municipality made the unusual move last week on its website, in which it showed an image of an individual wearing […]

With no Jews left to protest, Christian crosses grace Holocaust memorials in Belarus

In addition to problems with Jewish law, where some in the scant Jewish community see a positive gesture, others see cultural insensitivity By Julie Masis  July 9, 2017 PETRIKOV, Belarus — A few years ago, a monument to the local residents who perished during the Nazi occupation was built in the central park of the small […]


24-го июня в Нью-Йорке умер Эдвард Клайн – американец, посвятивший всю свою жизнь защите прав человека в СССР и постсоветской России. Он был нашим верным и преданным другом, много сделавшим для нас, особенно в период становления «Мемориала». Глубоко скорбим и выражаем соболезнования его вдове и дочери. Мы всегда будем его помнить. Правление Международного Мемориала   Ниже мы публикуем некрологи друзей и коллег Эдварда Клайна – из личной переписки, страниц в соцсетях: […]