Another Scandal at the Citadel…

Hostel is being built at the site of the former concentration camp “Yuriy Kuzheliuk stated that nothing could be built at the Citadel, especially recreational facilities. “It was one of the largest concentration camps for POWs in Eastern Europe,   – said the deputy. – 288 thousand prisoners of different nationalities had been interned there between […]

UCSJ Meets with Ukranian Officials

On March 1, a coordination meeting of the “Diversity Initiative,” a coalition of non-governmental organizations active in promoting multiculturalism and countering xenophobia, took place in Kiev. Among the participants of the meeting were representatives of all the interested government and law-enforcement authorities of Ukraine, particularly representatives of the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Justice, and the […]

UCSJ Report: Racism in Russia, February 2012

Public authorities have once again shown interest in the problems of nationalism. President Dmitry Medvedev said that the fight against extremism and in particular the opposition to attempts to “play the ethnic card” must be one of the main areas of work for the recently renamed police. In response to the publication of an article […]

BREAKING: Zhovtis Goes Free

The former director of the UCSJ-founded Kazakhstan International Bureau on Human Rights and Rule of Law, Eugeny Zhovtis was released today after two-and-a-half years in a labor camp. In a phone conversation with UCSJ International Director Leonid Stonov, Zhovtis expressed gratitude to President of UCSJ Larry Lerner and all who supported him during his struggle.

Israeli Ambassador Unaware of Politcal Prisoners in Belarus

The new Israeli Ambassador does not know there are political prisoners in Belarus. On February 15 at his press-conference in Minsk the new Israeli Ambassador to Belarus Yosef Shagal stated that he knows nothing about existence of political prisoners in Belarus. “I am a citizen of Israel, we do not have political prisoners. As for […]

An Interview with International Director, Leonid Stonov

When and where were you born? Moscow, USSR 1931 How did you get involved with human rights in the Soviet Union? Ever since I was a child I was interested in politics, and I even wanted to study humanities in history. But before I graduated high school, my father was arrested. He was accused of […]

Report: January, 2012

By Daniil Meshcheryakov, Executive Director of the Moscow Helsinki Group Politically active groups continued to advocate for a nationalist agenda within the broader protest movement. In recent discussions organized by the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation called “The Nationalist threat in Russia: Trends, Prospects and Countermeasures” the results of 2011 were discussed, including the […]

UCSJ Preserves Jewish Heritage

“‘Lviv is known in the world not because of hotels but because of its common  cultural heritage,’ said Meylakh Sheykhet, who heads Lviv’s Jewish community.  Sheykhet is part of a group that filed several lawsuits to stop construction of  the hotel.” “Meylakh Sheykhet, Ukraine’s representative in the Union of Councils for Jews in  the […]

Setbacks for democrats and multi-culturalists

State obstruction will keep the Russian democratic party of the ballot this year. They were required to collect two million signatures, which they did, but since a portion were scanned and not originals–something they had to restort to to meet the dealine–their entire petition was discarded. Putin’s party will benefit as a result: This is […]