Statement of Solidarity

Union of Councils expresses solidarity with democratic forces in Russia who strongly protest against the falsification of parliamentary election results. Today, big rallies in Moscow, Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, and many other cities and towns across Russia showed that Russian civil society not only exists, but is fighting for democratization and political-economic reforms. We support the […]

Violence in Lviv

LVIV, UKRAINE – Several young men have beaten up a student from Moroссo in a central city street. The attack happened suddenly. The victim and witness suggest that the attack was motivated by racial hatred. The police refused to accept the statement, because nobody in the nearest police station understood English. Policemen refused the translation of […]

Attacks on Foreigners in Ternopil City

TERNOPIL, UKRAINE – Between November 15-20 more than eight international students have been attacked and beaten just from from the dormitory for students of Ternopil medical University. Police were notified. The students were from Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, Cameroon, and Ghana.

UCSJ Condemns Sentence of Ales Belyatsky

Join us in protesting against the unfair and politically motivated sentence of leading Belarussian activist Ales Belyatsky. Ales Belyatsky, president of NGO Viasna (Spring) is a well-known, honest patriot and champion of democratic reform in Belarus. The money he received from donors was spent solely to promote human rights and help political prisoners and their […]

End Deportation of Tajik People

In the spirit of the International Day of Tolerance, UCSJ joins the protests of Russian human rights leaders and international human rights organizations against the mass deportations of Tajik people from Russia. This xenophobic campaign is an official, “proportional response” to the sentencing of two Russian pilots in Tajikstan on November 8 for smuggling. This […]