In Memoriam

Giving a gift to UCSJ in honor of a colleague, friend or family member is a meaningful way to show your respect for them as an individual, while assisting with the important cause of protecting human rights in the Eurasian region.  Today, your gift is more critical and necessary than ever.

The below have been honored through a gift from our generous contributors. 

In Memoriam–

Sidney and Evelyn Kraines
Ann and Sam Meltzer
Marillyn Tallman
Bernice Yohalem Bruckner
Hermann Wronker
Harry Reuben Gore
Mildred S. Burkhardt
Simon and Bertha Nelson
Wendy Rosen Lander
Beverly Kupchan
Rhea Soifer
Charlotte Weingart
Sam Licht
Murray Yacknowitz
Auguste W. Becker
Leizer Beron
Edyta and Henryk Krebs
Dorothy Zuckerman
I. Perlstein
F.S. Turkel
Leon Feldman
Goldie Spector
Allan Beck

Dr. Andrew Sessler

Rosalie and Samuel Klein

Harold & Gloria Grossman

Mrs. Augusta W. Becker

Pearl Seidman Handel & Louis Handel

In Honor of–
Karli, Rena and Levi Wojnilower

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