2012 was the worst year for human rights in Russia in recent memory. Unfortunately, it is only getting worse in 2013. Russia is far from an exception to the rule when it comes to post-Soviet nations in the Eurasian region. The human rights situation in countries such as Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan also continues to regress. Your support is more critical than ever.

Your generosity will enable us to continue:

  • Investigating, reporting and protesting human rights transgressions that occur throughout the post-Soviet countries of Eurasia.
  • Assisting activists and NGOs that are being targeted by their government for protesting against systematic repression and refusing to be bullied into silence.
  • Shedding light on newly occurring crimes against humanity that do not get reported in the mainstream press. This is made possible by our offices in Kyiv and Moscow, as well as our NGO partners in the region.
  • Compelling government members, lawmakers and leaders of the international community to promote freedom of speech and assembly and stand up against acts of xenophobia, racism, antisemitism and homophobia.


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