President’s Message Regarding the Magnitsky Bill

President’s Message Regarding the Magnitsky Bill

To our friends of the UCSJ,

President Obama has signed the Magnitsky bill, which passed in Congress by significant numbers.  It is a great victory for human rights and for the UCSJ.  Last August, the UCSJ gathered ten human rights groups and many individuals all of whom signed on to a letter to over 150 US Senators and Congressmen of both parties.  As a result of that push, we were able to go over the tipping point in support of the Magnitsky bill to replace  Jackson-Vanik.  It is a fantastic achievement which now can hold accountable those who violate  basic human rights  and shows that the UCSJ is still a leader in the fight for the rule of law in the world.

Larry Lerner
President, UCSJ

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